b'How do I know how to maintain my new flooring?No Flooring is bullet proof No matter what some manufacturers would like you to believe. Remember, no matter how strong a warranty appears it is the consumers responsibility to care for your floor regularly with the proper maintenance products.Cleaning, care, and warranty information is always provided by the manufacturer and is available on line or in brochures in the showrooms.Be sure to ask for the proper cleaning and care information from your sales professional if not provided at time of purchase.Can I do my own Measurements?Yes you can. Taking your room measurements will help us to be able to ballpark the amount of square footage you may need and we can then give you a rough estimate providing material of a good, better, or best pricing scenario.If Blakleys is providing and installing flooring we do require physical measurements and a job site inspection performed by us. There is no cost or obligation for this service. Included in this measure we fill out an installation checklist form recording anything that may pertain to your installation so our sales professional can prepare an accurate, detailed quote for you.If we measure your area and a mistake in measuring occurswe cover any additional material and installation cost involved. We do this for a living and rarely encounter mistakes in measuring. Isnt that worth eliminating inconvenience, delays, and additional costs that may arise if you measured incorrectly yourself?How do I get started?What is the process?Under normal circumstances we ask that the customer visits one of our two convenient locations and works with one of our sales professionals. No appointments are necessary. We have such a large assortment of products to fit the needs and wants of any customer and any budget that it is best to shop in the showroom in order for us to help you find that perfect flooring that is best for you. You are welcome and encouraged to take samples home to see how they look in your home.If you are unable to visit our showrooms, we do have In-Home Shopping service available in select areas. By appointment, a Flooring Professional can visit your home and work with you on your selections.Typically we might schedule a free measure at this time to get the details and exact measurements of the areas you wish to install new flooring in.These measurements get e-mailed to your sales consultant and prepares an estimate within 48 hours of receiving the information if you have made a material selection.Sometimes it requires additional trips to the showroom to choose just the right flooring.Once we have an approved, signed order we request a 50% deposit. The material is all special ordered and at this time we may anticipate the expected arrival of your material and we can schedule an installation.Typically the installation can occur within 2-3 weeks from time of order depending on availability. Of course, we work closely with each customer individually at scheduling an appropriate date that works for you!'